Common Myths About Sliding Glass Doors Busted

Sliding Glass Doors

Because of the way sliding glass doors work, you may not want to have one in your own house. Sliding doors have come a long way since they were first introduced. They have a modern look and are simple to use. Even if you’ve never had to deal with a shoddy sliding door, you’ve probably heard some of these falsehoods. Let us dispel some of the misconceptions you may have regarding sliding glass doors.

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Sliding Glass Doors

Myth 1: Large Panels Are Difficult to Slide

Even if this used to be true, new hardware and technical developments have led to more creative solutions now than in years past. The bottom gasket of an older-style sliding glass door must be moved through the track to operate, which may be problematic as the door’s size and weight grow. Lift-slide doors, for example, are top-hung, which means the panels are lifted off the ground. Precision rollers and other high-performance hardware are often used to ensure smooth and easy functioning. Check out your local door showroom to see whether you trust us.

These systems are referred to as “performance sliding glass doors” in the window and door industry. Remember that any performance product will need regular maintenance to maintain its peak. Maintaining and cleaning the sliding door tracks regularly can help guarantee that your door functions smoothly for many years to come.

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Sliding Glass Doors

Myth 2: Sliding Glass Doors are Ugly

Sliding glass doors of the past may have contributed to this misunderstanding. The sightlines of modern sliding doors are sleek and small. Glass frames are becoming thinner, allowing for a wider field of vision. The frame, on the other hand, provides a plethora of customization choices. Aluminium, steel, vinyl, fibreglass, and even wood are all options.

In terms of colour and finish, nothing is beyond limits. Handles and lock hardware are no exception. Colourful anodized treatments may provide a dash of colour, while brushed metals like nickel or bronze can offer a more contemporary feel.

Myth 3: Sliding Glass Doors is Air Tight

While dispelling the previous misconceptions about sliding glass doors should have improved your opinion of them, dispelling this one might deflate your expectations for your home or business. Glass sliding doors are not airtight, allowing some air to enter and exit a residence. Fortunately, they’re not alone. There is no way to totally seal any door. Australia has a set of minimal criteria for airtightness for sliding doors, even though they aren’t as airtight as folding doors.

Sliding glass doors are getting more energy-efficient as technology develops, which is another benefit. Choosing a sliding door with a thermally broken or thermally-isolated frame and double or even triple glazing is important if you live in a place with extreme temperatures. In places with a lot of wind, the sealing system is critical in limiting the passage of air from the outside to the inside. If you live in a place where snow and ice are a problem, multitrack sliders should be avoided. To discover which patio door solutions are appropriate for cold weather and your local environment, you need to consult with a local expert.

Sliding Glass Doors

Myth 4: When it rains, water leaks through sliding glass doors

If there is enough wind and rain, any opening in your house, whether a window, a door, or a sliding door, might leak. Sliding glass doors are put through rigorous testing and certification to ensure that they can endure various environmental conditions. Problems might arise when precipitation and wind speeds surpass these limits. An expert can help you choose the right sliding doors for your home depending on the climate in which you live.

Leak resistance is so high that sliding glass doors with tracks flush with the floor are no match. Lift-slide doors are often used in these systems, which seal against the floor when closed. All components must be appropriately matched to each other to make the seal. In addition to the gear, the installation is just as vital. It’s important to work with a business that can source components from a reputable manufacturer as well as perform a flawless installation.

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