The Hidden Mystery Behind Driving Lessons Keilor East

driving lessons keilor east

The following article will look at what is covered in The Hidden Mystery Behind Driving Lessons Keilor East. The author’s own son was killed in a terrible two-car accident whilst he was learning to drive. It has led many people to ask how safe is driving without a driving lesson. It also begs the question of how much further a learner driver can progress if they take a driving lesson.

The author’s son Keilor was studying to become a qualified driver when he died. His death came as a huge blow to the whole family, who only wish to know that their son was able to drive when he was safely able to do so. The book covers a period of ten years when Keilor was unable to drive. In this time he suffered a number of serious injuries, which included a fractured ankle, back problems, spinal cord problems and also a punctured spleen. Although these injuries are quite serious, they pale in comparison to the injuries incurred by learner drivers when they learn to drive on the roads.


Driving Lessons Keilor East

The book makes some interesting claims, most notably that a driver who fails to take driving lessons can expect to suffer the same level of accident involvement as a motorist who chooses to take regular Driving Lessons Keilor East. However, it does not suggest that the accidents would have been significantly lower had he (or she) invested more in driving tuition.

He does make the point that taking proper driving lessons can go a long way to protecting learner drivers against the dangers of driving without understanding the traffic rules. The emphasis is on the fact that learner drivers must learn to drive safely in order to prevent serious accidents.

As a result, the author does not believe that lessons in driving should be entirely banned. He accepts that some people will always be a danger to others and that it is just as risky to drive without sufficient knowledge of road laws as it is to drive without any driving experience at all.

driving lessons keilor east

The main thing to be remembered is that driving without adequate knowledge of traffic laws is illegal. It also makes it much more likely that the driver will get into an accident. The sensible approach therefore, is to ensure that a learner driver takes enough Driving Lessons Keilor East to enable him or her to become knowledgeable about safe driving. This should also include clear instruction as to what to do in each situation and how to react in certain situations.

The book rightly points out that the dangers are not only created by those that drive but by those who witness driving accidents or those who are at least willing to be careless. Passengers in either case can be seriously injured or killed.

This is made even more significant when you consider that statistics indicate that about three-quarters of accidents involve the other driver, meaning that at least one passenger or driver can be seriously injured or killed as a result of a driving lesson. That makes it doubly important for learner drivers to take proper driving lessons, both before and after any driving experience. Driving Lessons Keilor East are expensive but they are certainly a worthy investment.

Driving Lessons Keilor East

Learner drivers need to be careful however as they may very well be seen as “high risk” by some insurance companies. Insurance companies often classify people as high risk if they have had several accidents or if they are thought to be at greater risk because of age, gender or any other reason. It is important for drivers to realize that this label does not mean that they cannot drive, it simply means that they are at increased risk of being involved in a car accident. That is why it is essential to take all reasonable steps to obtain adequate Driving Lessons Keilor East before any driving license is granted.

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