What is the R-value of a blanket insulation

Blanket Insulation

Blanket insulation has become very popular these days as more homeowners are going in for the extra measure. This is because it helps to trap heat, help in making rooms warmer and this has proved to be an asset in keeping the house warm in those cold winter seasons.

However, it is necessary to get a professional opinion before you get into a decision to install blanket insulation. The insulation should be installed correctly and without causing any damage to the walls and floors.

A properly insulated home will give you comfort without causing any unnecessary loss of energy which would otherwise be used up in heating your home. Insulation will help keep down the temperature of the rooms in your house and will help in retaining the air in the house. By doing so, it will help in ensuring that your heating system is running at its optimum.

The R-value of blanket insulation is calculated by using the method of thermal mass analysis. It is a measurement based on the equation of thermal conductivity and density.

By taking this measurement of blanket insulation you will be able to know what the amount of energy it consumes and how much money you are paying for this in heating bills. By knowing this you can see if you can lower the price of your heating bills by getting the right amount of insulation.

Blanket Insulation

The thermal mass analysis method for measuring blanket insulation is very accurate as it does not involve any guesswork or assumptions. It is however recommended that you get your professional to do the job for you.

It will help to know what your insulation would cost to install and so you can determine if you are willing to spend that money on it. By knowing the amount of money you will be saving you can work out whether the insulation is worth spending the money on.

Once you know how much your insulation would cost to install, you can start thinking about how you can cut the cost of your insulation. For one thing, it is wise to cut the cost of changing the insulation, especially if you can do it yourself and save some money.

Another extra factor, you can cut costs on is paying for insulation that would normally be done by professionals. You can, for example, buy your insulation in bulk and then purchase insulation from the same provider who does the installing.

Also, there are other ways you can cut costs on blanket insulation that are not necessarily through the installation of insulation. The first thing you can do is buy insulation that is already made.

You will save yourself the cost of looking for different types of insulation that you can use. This saves money on the energy it takes to install the insulation.

It will also help to shop around for blanket insulation that is of good quality. This is essential in keeping the energy consumption of your home low.

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