What Is IT Support?

IT support is defined as an organization’s capacity to provide information about a computer system’s configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting to its users. It also includes the capacity of an IT support professional to maintain a business computer network. There are many types of IT support. Technical support usually refers to services offered by entities such as companies, organizations, universities or other non-government organizations that provide IT services to their users. In general, IT support provides support on a variety of issues with a computer product or service, not including any training, provision of support, or other service services.

The primary functions of IT support are to assist in the proper maintenance of a system, help users in managing their systems, and provide access to software for users. This support can be provided by a company providing the product or service being supported, by an external provider, or by an internal organization such as a small local office or a large corporate office. A company may also provide IT support themselves. Support services may include the provision of hardware, operating system, and software and installation of the product to ensure proper use of the system. Support may also be available to users to help resolve problems and provide information on various issues.


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In addition to providing support, IT support professionals are also responsible for maintaining security, updating the security features of the system, performing data backups, and performing vulnerability scans on the system. They must also maintain the system software, configure it and run it as a service to prevent problems with the system. It is also very important that they update security patches and other features of the system to ensure that users have access to the latest security information and to fix any known vulnerabilities.

There are several forms of IT support. Technical support generally deals with problems or defects with an individual computer product and requires that the problem is resolved immediately. Support for end-users is sometimes provided by an external organization, which provides IT support services for other companies and organizations. Some companies provide IT support to individuals and companies.

Many organizations are not aware that some IT support is provided by third parties such as third-party service providers, which work exclusively for the companies and organizations that provide IT support. The main function of these services is to provide IT support for the organizations. These companies are independent of the company and offer IT support for different organizations. Some examples of third-party companies that provide IT support include Microsoft support, Microsoft technical support, Blue Coat support, Novell technical support and Dell technical support.

Some IT support services are provided by third-party service providers and involve the use of specialized equipment and software that is designed to make it possible for the company providing the support to give technical support as well as ongoing technical assistance to the users. Third-party services include Microsoft technical support, Microsoft support, Dell technical support, Novell technical support and Blue Coat technical support. Some third-party services include Microsoft technical support, Dell technical support, Blue Coat technical support and Microsoft technical support.

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