Five Doubts About Melbourne Airport Parking Rates You Should Clarify.

Melbourne airport parking rates

Melbourne Airport Parking Rates

When you are a frequent flyer, and you need a space to park your vehicle. You can now simply park your vehicle in the Melbourne airport parking rates of $12. So, next time when you want to just have an idea about how you need parking.

In fact, Melbourne airport parking rates now has come with revolutionary thinking about how they can help with car parking. Whether it is you travelling for business or leisure. You don’t have to worry about keeping your car at home. You can easily park your vehicle with surveillance and security.

Are you planning on travelling away from Melbourne? Well, then this is the best option that the customer service has come up with in terms of Melbourne Airport Parking Rates your vehicle. We all know that our truck is an essential asset to us. That is why you can get keep it safe till you get back.

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Melbourne airport parking rates

These are the affordable categories of parking in the airport:


This is the new name for the previous long-term parking area. It also offers a reduced $12 flat daily rate. Which is perfect for those who are travelling. If you are planning to stay for a while in a different country – you can get the lowest rates.

 Value for money

 Free shuttle bus


 Disable parking

Melbourne Airport Parking Rates

Terminal parking

You can choose either open-air or undercover parking. The terminal parking is right outside T1, T2, T3 and T4. Hence, this parking offers convenience and value for a 5 mins walk to the terminals.

 Close to terminals

 Book early and save

 Undercover parking

Disabled parking

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