Hire Lion’s Service For 12 Seater Van Hire

12 Seater Van Hire

Are you looking for a car hire service that offers the broadest car/vehicle fleet? Is your requirement a 12 Seater Van Hire? In Australia, you will come across many passenger transport service providers, but their vehicle fleets are not broad enough to fulfil passengers’ requirements.

However, we started our vehicle rental service to be the helping hand of all those passengers. We are a car rental service, meaning we give you vehicles for per-day or per-week rent.

 Why 12 Seater Van Hire?: Let’s say you run a business or office. Or, your whole family plans for a weekend trip. Can four-seater cars fulfil your requirements, then? Since only a limited number of passenger transport service providers offer this 12-seater van, the majority would make you hire their so-called less spacious vehicles.

* Understand that you need up to three cars to transport 12 passengers. On the other hand, you need two general vans for the same purpose.

* Understandably, you have to spend more money when renting three cars or two general vans for the purpose.

* One may suggest you hire a bus for it. Anyway, it is an expensive choice to make.

* All in all, 12 seater van hire comes with the highest number of features.

12 Seater Van Hire

Car Rental VS Car And Driver Service: A car and driver service is another option offered as taxi or chauffeur services. In a way, it is also a useful service for passengers who look for both the driver and the car.

* However, sometimes your need may be the car or van only. So, can the car and driver fulfil your unique requirement?

* Car rentals mean you can take the car or van to your home or office. From there, you can drive the vehicle yourself. At Lion Car Rentals, we are pretty flexible about the 12 seater van hire service.

* You can rent the 12-seater on the per-day or per-week basis.

* When you rent the van for a week, then you get a significant discount when compared to per-day basis.

* The 12-seater we offer is a new product, and it is in first-class condition.

If you want the van for over a week, then you can discuss your requirement with us. We are pretty flexible with our car rental packages.


Why Us For This Car/Van Rental Service: You may want to rent another van or car with the 12-seater, and we have all those in our broad vehicle fleet. Moreover:

1) We are flexible with our prices. As mentioned, you can get the vehicle on a per-day or per-week rental basis.

2) We don’t subject you to tons of conditions.

3) We give you the contract or terms and conditions in the first hand, meaning no hidden terms, conditions, and costs.

4) When you get more than one car or van for rent through our vehicle rental service, we give fabulous discounts to you.

5) Through years of providing exceptional car/van rental services, we have developed a trusted name in Melbourne. So, you get the vehicle from a trusted service provider.

12 Seater Van Hire

Some Final Words: A 12 seater van hire is the best option when you have to transport a larger passenger group. It’s like a minibus, but more comfortable. For more information, call us or request details via the online form.

Author: Emilia Leonelli

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