The Added Benefits Of 12 Seater Van Hire Explained

If you visit our blog regularly, then you know the benefits of vehicle hire services. In today’s article, we explain the advantages of mass passenger transport vehicle hires. You may have already hired cars or 7-seaters many times, but have you ever chose a minibus or a 12-seater? 

When it comes to mass passenger transport, we have to focus on two major factors; the comfort of passengers and their safety. You may plan a family tour or a staff trip. For that unique travel needs, what is the best vehicle hire option? Let’s review it in detail today!

People Mover: In general, this is the name used for passenger transport vehicles. Even cars fall under this vehicle class. However, we have to pay attention to the number of passengers, too. As you know, a car can accommodate up to seven passengers only. 

  • A people mover, on the other hand, can fit up to 12 passengers in it. General busses are large-scale people movers that can accommodate up to 60 passengers.  

  • When a group of people that comprises about 10-12 individuals, what would be your vehicle choice? We can think of three options:
  1. Three 4-seater cars.
  2. Two 7-seater cars.
  3. 12-seater van hire. 

Sometimes, we call it a 12 seater bus. In a 12-seater, 12 passengers can drive comfortably. What is the added benefit of it? Let’s review the prices of the above options:

Hiring three 4-seater cars: To accommodate 12 passengers, you need three average cars. If nobody is there to drive those, then you have to hire three drivers for it. It is clear that this option is expensive. Also, the whole passenger group can’t drive together, which would be a downside when planning family trips. 

Hiring two 7-seater cars: This makes no difference. The passenger group would separate. Also, you will need to hire two drivers to operate those cars. 

The last option is the best. Mini-buses or extra-large vans such as the Toyota Commuter is a complete package. Since the vehicle is larger than regular cars, most of the clients hire it with an experienced driver. The whole passenger group can drive in one vehicle, making the tour an enjoyable one. 

Air conditioning is a feature that the majority of our clients demand today. In Australia, summer is the peak season for outdoor activities and tours/trips. Therefore, to maintain comfort levels in the vehicle, air conditioning is necessary. 12 seater van hire fulfils this requirement for all clients. 

25 Seat: Extra-large passenger transport vehicles can accommodate up to 25-30 passengers. For such requirements, a general bus is a sound choice. However, two 12-seaters can fulfill the same requirement. The choice is yours. To drive a bus, you need an experienced driver. Also, it may cost a few extra dollars. 


Standard car hire in Sydney or Melbourne is an affordable option. However, it comes with a few limitations. For staff and family trips, you need a vehicle that can accommodate at least eight passengers. 

A quick tip: the time of booking is a factor to get right depending on the season. During the peak season, booking a car or van in advance is highly advisable. We can highlight another advantage here. Let’s say your passenger group consists of 12 passengers. During the busy season, the chance that you may get three cars for them is less practical. The same story applies to 7-seaters, too. 

A 12 seater van hire, on the other hand, is more practical as you need to book only one vehicle, which is possible even during the busy season of the year. 

Toyota Commuter: This has become a top choice among reputable vehicle renters in Australia now. It is a van that comes with many features, such as modern look, AC, extra space, off-road capability, VIP features, including high levels of luxury. 

The vehicle is also economical in terms of fuel and mileage. Moreover, even a car driver’s license holder can drive it. The modern look of the Toyota Commuter makes it ideal for business and VIP transportation. The powerful engine can move the load in off-road conditions, too. 

Some Final Words: For mass passenger transport that also includes extra features such as luxury and safety, 12 seater van hire is the best option. At Lion Car Rentals, we proudly offer this aid at affordable rates. 

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Author: Christian Plaugher

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