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Jobs Sri Lanka

Have you ever looked at this aspect this way, “it is difficult to find vacancies in this country?” Unfortunately, quite a lot of job seekers think it that way still. However, the reality is a completely different story. More than enough vacancies are available in the country, but the areas that job seekers always target is the issue.

For example, many thousands of individuals become graduates on the island every year. Surprisingly, the biggest percentage of those graduates are from art subjects. Even for the government, it is not practical to create that many vacancies for those who so-called non-technical graduates. 

The Availability Of Jobs In Sri Lanka: We can think of over 15 areas or industries in which employers struggle to find the right candidate. The youth of the country should target other educational areas such as engineering or technical subjects. Many thousands of graduates searching for teaching or other common jobs won’t make this country a developed one. 

  • A job vacancy is an opportunity to develop your future. However, if you think about it this way, “doing art subjects is easy?” In a way, this is what is happening in the country right now. 
  • As a result, even the Sri Lankan government faces long-term issues. The country needs qualified job seekers, but the majority of those seekers demand the same or traditional vacancies. 
  • Therefore, the system has to change. Everybody should come out of this mindset, “doing art subjects is the saviour.” 

Jobs Sri Lanka

We are an online platform that posts available jobs in Sri Lanka. Anyway, we should discuss these sensitive topics as well today. The country’s free educational system is a priceless benefit for all the students on the island. However, those students have to play a role in the country. 

  1. Unfortunately, this role doesn’t get fulfilled yet. We are going through a phase when more than enough teachers and other experts related to common areas or industries are already there in ample numbers. 
  2. Nevertheless, other useful industries such as engineering or the country’s economy lack experts. Over the past few years, the governments of the country did initiate many settings to change this trend. For example, developing education centres that teach technical subjects. 

The Role Of We did initiate this service with a unique vision in our minds. For example, we are not a traditional job-posting online platform. As our previous articles have explained, we upload jobs Sri Lanka from all industries. Therefore, job seekers can search for available vacancies in the relevant area where they have gained qualifications.

“The right candidate for the right job” is our motto. To fulfil this crucial feature, we have created this online platform for both parties, job seekers and employers. 

  • Employers can advertise their vacancies under the right industry and be visible to the right, qualified candidates. 
  • As a result, even engineering firms or other technical service providers can find the right job candidate. 
  • We don’t underestimate those traditional subjects or industries. However, the country lacks qualified individuals to fulfil other areas of practice. So, we hope that our vision benefits the island in the long run. 

Jobs Sri Lanka

The Use Of Social Media: Apart from the maintained online platform, we have created social media pages. We did create our Facebook page about five years ago, and hundreds of thousands of job seekers make use of it now. That is called coming out of the box. 

Even in Sri Lanka, a considerable percentage of qualification holders look for upgraded methods to reach reputable employers. For that new audience, the Internet and Social Media are the right resources. 

Jobs in Sri Lanka have spread across many industries by now. Thus, it the responsibility of recruiting platforms opening doors to all such available industries. At, we have already done it, and we upgrade ourselves to become even better. 

Closing Thoughts: Are there jobs in Sri Lanka to meet the demand? We have to say “Yes.” Unfortunately, the groups of individuals that are about to be the country’s workforce focus only on a few traditional industries. As a result, some sectors lack qualified candidates, but other common industries have too much.

People have to change. The government also has limitations in terms of giving jobs to the same group, such as teachers or doctors. As an online recruiting platform, we focus on placing qualified individuals in the country within all the industries. Through that, we can make this country a fast-moving one. 

Author: Christian Plaugher

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