Advantages of using Shower Screens Laverton for your bathroom

Shower screens Laverton

Shower Screens Laverton

When renovating a bathroom, it is almost always essential to have a shower room. But there is a range of different solutions available. With choices like sliding doors and two-sided pivot doors and quadrants, it can seem a little daunting!

One of the most common replacements is a frameless shower screen. They are a sleek and streamlined alternative to a framed shower screen. They feature a simple, minimalist design of glass panels backed by minimal hardware. As a result, they provide an outstanding option for small bathrooms where optimizing space is always necessary.


Frameless glass shower screens Laverton look elegant, modern and trendy. They make your toilet space look more polished and unified and encourage other design elements to take centre stage. You will accentuate your shower screen with hinges, handles and brackets that come in various designs and finishes.

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Shower screens Laverton


Some of the enclosures, such as quadrants and bi-folds, only come in small sizes and styles. When you go for a frameless shower screen, you can create a personalized bathroom solution. Customization is especially helpful in bathrooms. It helps you to make a shower room customized to your needs.


Frameless glass shower windows sound more sturdy than they seem to be. Estelle’s frameless Shower Screens Laverton fittings have undergone extensive testing to ensure that they can survive wear and tear. This is so secure in their fittings that we have a lifetime warranty on all our brass hardware.

Shower Screens Laverton


Only warm water with a moist, soft cloth (microfiber) is required to clean Estelle’s fixtures. Chemicals and abrasive materials (e.g. steel wool) may not be used to harm the institution. As a result, Estelle’s hinges, braces, and handles are mostly maintenance-free.


Other options, such as shower curtains, will create a distinct barrier that can make the bathroom appear smaller. Transparent glass shower screens produce an organic flow that will make your bathroom appear larger. Frameless Shower screens Laverton also allow more light into the enclosure, ensuring you don’t need a light fixture on the top of your shower room.

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