Melbourne Splashbacks

melbourne splashbacks

Melbourne Splashbacks has been in the business of making water resistant glass shower heads since 2020. They have also been in business for over two decades and have helped thousands of people all across the country with their unique designs and products. We at Melbourne Splashbacks offer an extensive line of flashbacks that are designed to withstand even the most intense water pressure.

“Ultimate” glass is one of our primary products, which is a very durable glass that can withstand any type of water exposure that we encounter. Our list of splashback products is so extensive that we have become known as the “waterproof glass company”, due to our high standards of quality and attention to detail. Our water-resistant glass is made with toughened glass that is sealed with a high temperature epoxy, giving it a high strength barrier to help resist water damage.

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melbourne splashbacks

We also offer several different colours, designs and styles that will match the colour of your bathroom. “Splashbacks” can also be purchased separately as well, but they are much less expensive than our whole line of products. Our Melbourne Splashbacks include tiles, mirrors, mosaic glass, ceramic and mirrored glass tiles that can be installed into your wall, on your floor and above the bathtub. Each of our splashback tiles are highly durable and will not crack or break like many cheaper tiles. These tiles are also easy to install yourself or you can use a professional to install them.

“Mirrored” glass is another common material that we sell at Melbourne Splashback. Our mirrors are also known for being extremely durable and will not crack, break or chip like many cheaper mirrors. They are also very light weight, which makes them great for bathrooms where heavy wall furniture is used. You can choose from our traditional round, square, oval-shaped glass mirrors. as, well as our decorative mosaic glass mirror tiles, which are extremely popular for their unique look and style. Melbourne Splashbacks mirrors also have a patented locking mechanism, which prevents the glass from shifting around during use and is safe and reliable in any situation.

Melbourne Splashbacks

Our tile images are available in a variety of colours, shapes, sizes and styles. Our tile images will not chip, crack or break as other cheaper tiles may, and the tiles are much more durable and resilient. Our decorative tile images are also safe to install on any type of surface, so whether you choose wood, ceramic, vinyl, stone, vinyl, they will look great and not break, chip or crack.

Melbourne Splashbacks also sells a variety of custom-designed shower doors, tub surrounds and shower doors. Whether you are shopping for a new shower or looking to upgrade your existing shower, our team can help you choose the right design and colour and style of door to compliment your current interior design. The doors are also extremely durable and come in various shapes, sizes and designs. Our doors can be installed on your own, or you can use a professional to install the doors on your behalf, but be sure to read all of our directions before starting the installation to avoid any problems.

Melbourne Splashbacks

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